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Celebrations of Life

Funerals · Memorials · Scattering of Ashes

A Funeral is an important event giving family and friends the opportunity to come together and share in the acknowledgment of a loved one’s death. The funeral ceremony is a crucial part of the grieving process and a time to share feelings of loss and grief, while finding personal and meaningful ways to honour a loved one life.


Funeral ceremonies are very personal and can be conducted according to a loved one or family's wishes, from the more traditional chapel gathering, a memorial celebration of life ceremony, where the deceased is not present or a scattering of ashes ceremony. As a funeral celebrant, I work with families and significant others to conduct a ceremony in a way that reflects personal wishes.


In any ceremony, rituals can play a significant part and bring comfort to the hearts of those left behind.A ritual can as simple as giving homage to your loved one’s book of life, items of significance, such as an award received, lifetime achievement or precious items. It may be the lighting of candles, the reading of a special prayer or poetry, the releasing of doves or butterflies or include culturally recognised rituals. Whatever it is that brings comfort and meaning at this time.

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As a celebrant, it is important to me that I work with families in a supporting, sensitive and caring way. I believe it is an honour and privilege for a family to entrust me with conducting their loved one’s funeral ceremony and final journey. I am highly committed to respecting a family’s privacy, wishes, values, cultural and religious background and will guide families through their chosen funeral ceremony.


I like to leave families with a special commemorative gift offering care and comfort.

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